My adventure with photography started a long time ago, when I was a young boy. My grandfather used to take his camera and I was always ready to travel with him. He always explained to me how the camera works, how to take a good picture and most importantly, he spent showing me how to observe the world through the lens. Those moments were priceless for me, my grandfather was my teacher who showed me direction to my new passion – PHOTOGRAPHY.


Today my grandfather is almost 100 years old and he still remembers those times we spent to showing me how to take a good picture.

Grandfather taught me how to look through the lens. It is a completely different world, which passes in an instant. The same world could be funny, brutal, but unique. It is our human world, created through our imagination.

Pictures can recreate our memories which are priceless moments, they never come back again.


Today photography is something I do for living, but most of all, it is my PASSION.